About Me - Mark Coletta Photography
Mark for DD (Large)

My name is Mark Coletta and I wanted to share my photography with you. I retired a few years ago from the military and the government, after being layed off from the banking industry, which has cost many people great disruption in their lives.

I decided to take up photography again after many years and have found a great source of education and fellowship in Cleveland Photographic Society (CPS). I found an organization that is really about friendship and unselfish sharing of information and techniques in the world of photography.

My wife, Mary Kay and I have lived in Cleveland Heights, Ohio for the past 22 years. We enjoy our yard, the flowers and cooking. We travel when we can and like to take advantage of the benefits available to us as military retirees. It helps keep the costs down and allows us to use the facilities as a great base from which to explore with a lot of day trips.

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